Pre-K Instructional Plan

Parents must email their child's teacher daily in order to receive credit for attendance.

Mrs. Leppin

Mrs. Rivera

Ms. Phemsint

Pre-K Lessons for Ms. Leppin, Ms. Rivera, and Ms. Phemsint

Work for the week of June 15th -23rd, 2020

If you are missing a previous lesson, please email your teacher to get a copy.

All of these daily lessons should begin with the Daily Activities, accessible by clicking the button below:

Pre-K Lesson Plan - Day 57.pdf
Pre-K Lesson Plan - Day 59.pdf
Pre-K Lesson Plan - Day 61.pdf
Pre-K Lesson Plan - Day 63.pdf
Pre-K Lesson Plan - Day 58.pdf
Pre-K Lesson Plan - Day 60.pdf
Pre-K Lesson Plan - Day 62.pdf

Pre-K Lessons for Mrs. Blanchard, Ms. Abello, Ms. Damato, and Ms. Piedra

If you are missing a previous lesson, please email your teacher to get a copy.

Mrs. Blanchard

If not posted below, your teachers will e-mail you detailed plans for the week. Please reach out to your teacher if you have any questions/concerns.

Ms. Blanchard's Plans

Ms. Abello's Plans

Blanchard Day 57.pdf
Blanchard Day 58.pdf
Blanchard Day 59.pdf
Blanchard Day 60.pdf
Blanchard Day 61.pdf
Blanchard Day 62.pdf
Blanchard Day 63.pdf
Abello Day 57 Plan.pdf
Abello Day 58 Plan .pdf
Abello Day 59 Plan.pdf
Abello Day 60 Plan.pdf
Abello Day 61 Plan.pdf
Abello Day 62 Plan.pdf
Abello Day 63 Plan.pdf

Ms. Piedra's Plans

Ms. Damato's Plans

Piedra's 57 Lesson Plan.pdf
Piedra's 58 Lesson Plan.pdf
Piedra's 59 Lesson Plan.pdf
Piedra's 60 Lesson Plan.pdf
Piedra's 61 Lesson Plan.pdf
Piedra's 62 Lesson Plan.pdf
Piedra's 63 Lesson Plan.pdf
Damato Day 57.pdf
Damato Day 58.pdf
Damato Day 59.pdf
Damato Day 60.pdf
Damato Day 61.pdf
Damato Day 62.pdf
Damato Day 63.pdf