Instructional Plan

Grades K - 5

Google Classroom

Grades K-5 will utilize Google Classroom as the primary tool for delivering instruction. Google Classroom is a secure, web-based platform where educators can create classes, distribute assignments/assessments, and grade and send feedback. Each student at this level is already enrolled in a Google Classroom with their homeroom teacher. Each homeroom teacher is linked with the special area teachers for that grade. The join code for specials can be found here. Please note: Students can only access Google classroom using their school gmail account

All Pre-K students must complete the assignments posted under the Pre-K Instructional Plan and parents will email the teacher directly for attendance purposes.

Teacher Requirements

  • Teachers will be available to meet/conference with students in each one of their classes in their assigned schedule according to our remote learning schedule via Google Classroom/Email/Remind App/Google Meet.

  • In addition to the scheduled time, teachers will assign lessons and a corresponding assignments and assessments via Google classroom on a daily or weekly basis depending on the grade level.

  • Teachers will submit plans as normal through Realtime the Friday before the week of instruction.

  • Attendance will be taken by the teacher via a shared Google Spreadsheet for each course. Students will be marked present based on the completion of a discussion or a "Do Now" question posted in the Google Classroom for that given day.

  • Teachers will grade assignments and post grades in the Realtime Gradebook.

  • Guidance will monitor the attendance spreadsheet on a daily basis to ensure that students are completing academic requirements. Teachers will also be in contact with guidance if they have concerns regarding a student’s performance/completion of assignments.

Student/Parent Requirements

  • Students/Parents are required to log into their Google Classroom each day to complete a 'Do Now' question or to participate in a discussion with their teacher.

  • Students/Parents are also encouraged to ask questions during the scheduled times related to the lessons or assignments that they are required to complete.

  • Students/Parents should comment/send messages via the Google classroom. Students may also email teachers. As always, students are expected to be responsible digital citizens, participating in an ethical and respectful way in the Google classrooms.

  • All other assignments and assessments will be graded and entered in Realtime. Parents are encouraged to monitor grades through the parent portal.

  • Guidance counselors and case managers will be available to their students via e-mail or Google Meet.

Elementary Curriculum

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