Instructional Plan

Grades 6-12

Google Classroom

Grades 6-12 will utilize Google Classroom as the primary tool for delivering instruction. Google Classroom is a secure, web-based platform where educators can create classes, distribute assignments/assessments, and grade and send feedback. Each student at this level is currently enrolled in a Google Classroom for each course in their schedule.

Teacher Requirements

  • Teachers will be available to meet/conference with students in each one of their classes in their assigned schedule according to our remote learning bell schedule via Google Classroom/Email/Google Meet.

  • In addition to the scheduled time, teachers will assign lessons and a corresponding assignments/assessments via Google classroom as they would during normal instruction. Students will have at minimum, 24 hours to complete a specific assignment.

  • Teachers will submit plans as normal through Realtime the Friday before the week of instruction.

  • All students will have access to home instruction services via Google classroom and if a student will not be participating in online instruction for the day, the student must fill out a Google Form marking the reason for their absence.

  • Teachers will grade assignments and post grades in the Realtime Gradebook.

  • Teachers will also be in contact with guidance if they have concerns regarding a student’s performance/completion of assignments.

Student Requirements

  • Students are not required to comment or ask questions during the bell schedule times, however it is encouraged for them to log into their Google Classroom at this time if they have questions related to the daily lessons or assignments that they are required to complete.

  • Students can comment/send messages via the Google classroom during the designated bell schedule time. Students may also email teachers and can expect a prompt response if it is within the daily bell schedule hours. As always, students are expected to be responsible digital citizens, participating in an ethical and respectful way in the Google classrooms.

  • Students will be considered PRESENT unless otherwise indicated. If a student will be ABSENT for any reason, we are asking for the students or parents (using their child’s email account) to fill out the Google Absence Form which can be found on the school website or by visiting the appropriate link below:

HS Absence Form MS Absence Form

  • All assignments will be graded and entered in Realtime. Parents are encouraged to monitor grades through the parent portal.

  • Guidance counselors and case managers will be available to their students via Google Meet. Appointments can be made via email.

Lessons & Assignments

Lessons and assignments through the classroom will include flipped classroom videos, interactive presentations, Google Docs for collaborative project/research based assignments, articles, worksheets, discussion questions and digital formative assessments. Lesson formats and assignments types will vary by department.